Chalkable Help


  • It is necessary to use the URL provided at orientation to properly log in to Chalkable or click the image to the right.
    • Doing a Google search for Chalkable will not take you to the proper website to login.
  • The parent portal (parent login information) and the student portal (student login information) are different in that students and teachers can message one another through the student portal. Chalkable is working to make updates that will allow parents and teachers to message one another through the parent portal, but no time frame for this update has been given.
  • Once logged in (student portal), click on “Chalkable Classroom” in the upper right corner to find information specific to individual classes. The “Chalkable Classroom” is not available on the parent’s portal.
  • Homework will be sent as a message to students through the student portal. If a message has been sent, you will see an icon in the upper right corner near the student’s name.
  • To go back to the home page, click on the student’s name in the upper right corner and choose “informationNow” in the drop-down menu.
  • If you see any information that is not correct (address, phone, email, etc.) please call the school office or email Mrs. Rachel Carter by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
  • When using a tablet or smartphone to login to Chalkable:
    • Be sure to have the Adobe Acrobat Reader app installed.
    • Chalkable performs better when viewed in a browser other than Safari, such as Chrome.