MCA will be updating these policies according to recommendations from local health officials.

Updated 8/27/20

What will MCA do to ensure my child is in a clean environment?

We have always maintained a clean school building at MCA, but now we have to move to a more diligent sanitization practice. Daily cleaning will include more involved practices such as sanitizing shared surfaces between classes as students change rooms and daily sanitization of all common areas by pneumatic sanitizing sprayer after school hours.

Will there be additional personal hygiene measures in place to help protect my child from COVID-19?

Hand sanitizer will be available at multiple points throughout the school building each day. Students will be strongly encouraged to wash their hands before and after lunch as well as to use hand sanitizer throughout the day. For example, secondary students should use it upon entry to each classroom at class changes.

How will MCA assess staff and students for COVID-19 symptoms and what will the response be to these symptoms?

All Staff will be temperature screened upon arrival at school and sign a statement saying they have no symptoms. We are asking parents to assess their students before bringing them to school. By bringing their students to school they are declaring that their students are symptom free. If symptoms arise during the day that dictate a student be sent home, the student will be isolated in the school Health & Wellness area to await pickup by parent.

If there is a confirmed case of COVID-19 at MCA, all families will be made aware of the situation via MCA’s normal communication portals (FACTS, email, etc.) Specific policies and guidelines about MCA’s response to this situation are available in the school office for review with a school administrator.

Will my child be required to practice social distancing?

Social distancing will impact our students, staff and families each day. For example, our arrival and dismissal procedures will be modified to limit close contact among students at these times. A revised lunch schedule will enable us to spread the students out among the tables in the gym. Additionally, classroom furniture placement will allow us to maximize the distance between students. For those concerned about MCA’s sports programs, we will be playing sports this fall, but will make modifications as deemed necessary.